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Smart Tools for Smart Buildings: Enhancing the intelligence of buildings in Europe

The project Smart Square, aims to develop and deliver the appropriate tools and applications, which will enable the promotion and establishment of intelligence assessment of buildings in Europe, through buildings Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) scheme. Smart Square aspires to deliver a cloud based open platform for assessing the intelligence of buildings, available in all 24 EU official languages, considering as well the specificities of the Member States, with a view to maximize synergies with other EU initiatives.

Within Smart Square, the Rate of Return of smart readiness improvements of buildings will be identified, on the grounds of existing CEN standards, enabling the definition of smartness cost optimal building upgrades. As part of the project, an SRI audit process will also be developed, with the aim to act as the forerunner of a standardized procedure. Smart Square will also enable the smartness assessment of buildings with the use of real time data, based on the in-use assessment method, focusing on interoperability gaps and cybersecurity aspects.

Aspects of integrating SRI in digital building logbooks will also be investigated, with the aim to allow the future integration of the SRI ratings and its background information. An SRI observatory for the monitoring and documentation of the main evolutions in the SRI development will also be delivered. Capacity building activities, aiming to the issuance of over 10000 SRI ratings during the implementation of the project are also foreseen, including the operation of an SRI call centre, where stakeholders, building designers, facility managers as well as building users, will have the opportunity to issue online the SRI rating of their building unit, through a simplified Q+A procedure. Other initiatives including a virtual training centre as well as the SRI days and the first smart ready community are also foreseen in Smart Square project.

Objective 1

The development of a set of tools and services that will boost the uptake of the SRI scheme among the member states of the European Union

Objective 2

The roll out of ICT smart ready technologies including AI and IoT for smarter SRIs

Objective 3

The commissioning of a cloud based open platform for assessing the intelligence of buildings, tailored for building designers, facility managers and building users

Objective 4

The development of an SRI audit process, with the aim to act as the forerunner of a standardized procedure

Objective 5

The establishment of the required grounds for the integration of the SRI rating in building digital logbooks

Objective 6

The development of a comprehensive methodology for the identification of smartness cost optimal building upgrades based on life cycle costing principles

Objective 7

The establishment of services that will bridge the gap between SRI and EU citizens

Objective 8

The enhancement of the smart readiness aspects in buildings energy performance
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