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SRI certificate

The SRI certificate defines the required information to be included in the certificate resulting from the SRI assessment by an expert. It sets certain features which cannot be modified by Member States.

The content of the smart readiness indicator certificate, as defined by Annex IX of the Commission Delegated Regulation 2020/2155, includes the following.

  • General certificate information
    • Unique ID of the certificate.
    • Date of issue and date of expiry of the certificate.
    • An informational text clarifying the scope of the smart readiness indicator, in particular about energy performance certificates. Where available, the energy performance class of the building or building unit as specified by a valid energy performance certificate.
  • General building or building unit information
    • Type of building or building unit.
    • Surface area.
    • Year of construction and where relevant, of renovation.
    • Location.
    • Etc.
  • Smart readiness of the building
    • Smart readiness class of the building or building unit. Optionally, total smart readiness score of the building or building units.
    • Smart readiness scores along the three key functionalities, and per impact criterion. Optionally, scores of each technical domain for each impact criterion.

An informational text clarifying that the certificate reflects the smart readiness at the date of issuance and that any significant modifications to the building and its systems would affect smart readiness and would therefore require an update of the information given on the certificate.

Optionally, additional information on the assumptions made in the calculation of scores such as weighting factors of impact criteria used for calculating smart readiness scores for key functionalities.

Where possible, available information on connectivity, in particular on the existence of high-speed-ready in-building physical infrastructure, such as the voluntary ‘broadband ready’ label. Also, where possible, available information on interoperability, cybersecurity of systems and data protection, including where relevant on conformity to commonly agreed standards, and information on related risks.

Optionally, recommendations on how to improve the smart readiness of the building or building unit considering, where relevant, the heritage value.

History of the SRI

Understand how the SRI came into being and learn about the different policy instruments that made it possible.

SRI core methodology

The SRI core methodology defines the required framework for the calculation of the SRI.

SRI default calculation

The SRI support team has produced an SRI assessment package to facilitate the SRI testing and implementation in EU Member States.

SRI assessment procedure

The SRI assessment aims to determine with sufficient reliability what services are present or planned in the building, and if so, the functionality level for each of those services.

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