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Implementing body

The Ministry of the Environment is the EPBD implementing body in Finland.

  • Official test phase finalised
  • Official test phase in progress
  • Official test phase not requested
01 Overall assessment
02 Coordination
03 Timeline
04 Description of activities

Overall assessment of SRI test phase

  • Official test phase finalised
  • Official test phase in progress
  • Official test phase not requested

Coordination of SRI test phase

Finland volunteered to the non-committal test phase after the second call for expression of interest sent by the European Commission to all Member States in June 2022. The SRI test phase in Finland is led by the Ministry of the Environment with the support of MOTIVA Ltd, a company dedicated to promoting and supporting sustainable development.

The following LIFE projects are carrying out activities in the country: SmarterEPC.


Timeline of SRI test phase

It started with an opening seminar in Q4 2022, and it is expected to run until Q2 2024.

Activities carried out during the SRI test phase

Initially, a pre-study was carried out, assessing the willingness of building owners (mostly non-residential) to facilitate their building for SRI assessments. In addition, the disposition of SRI assessors was found aligned with receiving training on the SRI, as well as performing three different assessments in buildings. The official test phase started in September 2022 with an opening seminar. Next, during 2023, 30-50 assessors with different backgrounds, such EPC assessors, and professionals at area of building services shall receive training webinars with the support of the EU. Consequently, the SRI assessments shall be performance in 100-150 buildings of various types. As a result, both a social impact and suitability assessment shall be done with regards to the implementation of the SRI scheme in Finland. Results to Finnish government and to EU shall be reported during the first semester of 2024.

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