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EU-funded projects

In parallel with policy developments, the European Commission has over a number of years supported research, innovation and market uptake projects that help Europe use energy more sustainably.

The recent LIFE-2021-CET-SMARTREADY topic aimed at creating the conditions for a global improvement of smart readiness of European buildings. It funded the following projects, coordinated by CINEA through the SRI cluster.
Read the brochure summarising the main aspects of the projects within the SRI cluster.

Smart Square

Smart Tools for Smart Buildings: Enhancing the intelligence of buildings in Europe.

The project Smart Square aims to develop and deliver the appropriate tools and applications, which will enable the promotion and establishment of intelligence assessment of buildings in Europe, through buildings Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) scheme. Smart Square aspires to deliver a cloud based open platform for assessing the intelligence of buildings, available in all 24 EU official languages, considering as well the specificities of the Member States, with a view to maximize synergies with other EU initiatives.


Paving the way for the adoption of the SRI into national regulation and market.

The SRI2MARKET project will improve the knowledge and capabilities of six (6) Member States (Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Portugal, and Spain) with regards to the introduction of the SRI in their national regulation and market. The project will use lessons learned by countries that are well advanced in rolling out SRI to support countries still beginning their test phases and/or struggling to encourage smart upgrades. The effort should accelerate the adoption of the indicator and facilitate the design of policies that inspire action among those that are not early movers.


Co-creating Tools and Services for Smart Readiness Indicator Uptake.

SRI-ENACT aims to engage stakeholders in national and EU level to co-create tools and services for the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) uptake. The project will develop tools and services that calculate the SRI and provide recommendations and guidance for buildings smartness upgrades.


Improving and demonstrating the potential of SRI.

easySRI aims to enable a smooth and extendable web platform that offers services for the automated calculation of the SRI according to the Final report on the technical support to the development of a smart readiness indicator for buildings accomplished under the authority of the European Commission DG Energy ENER that will act as a basis for an effective implementation of the SRI and allow further testing at Member State level.

The projects funded under the LIFE-2021-CET-SMARTREADY build on the results of previous initiatives. Notably on the SmartBuilt4EU, an already finished project, that aimed to foster collaboration between stakeholders of the smart building value chain, promote their innovations, and identify R&D gaps and policy recommendations to support the further uptake of smart buildings.
Given the synergies between the Smart Readiness Indicator
(SRI) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), the progress
of building smartness research shall be studied together with
the projects focused on enhancing the evolution of Energy Performance Certificates in the EU.
Such research initiatives are coordinated through the Next Generation Energy Performance certificates cluster.
The cluster ensures that the knowledge base is continuously enlarged, fostering that new projects take the baton from those that come to an end. The projects that included in the cluster are listed below, those closer to the top are the most recent ones.

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