SRI Observatory

Definition of the SRI and draft
methodology. Intensive stakeholder consultation. 

2017 - 2018


Fine-tuning of the definition and associated calculation methodology.

2019 - 2020


Definition and calculation methodology of the SRI.
Technical modalities for the effective implementation.
Provision of technical assistance for testing and implementation of the SRI.



Launch of test phases by voluntary countries

SRI core methodology

The SRI core methodology defines the required framework for the calculation of the SRI.

SRI certificate

The SRI certificate defines the required information to be included in the certificate resulting from the SRI assessment by an expert.

SRI default calculation

The SRI support team has produced an SRI assessment package to facilitate the SRI testing and implementation in EU Member States.

SRI assessment procedure

The SRI assessment aims to determine with sufficient reliability what services are present or planned in the building, and if so, the functionality level for each of those services.

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